Sustained Development


Energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection, people-oriented, sustainable development.

promise to do sth:

1. Stop the production of products with great impact on climate, adopt low-carbon production process, low-carbon transportation or distribution methods, actively promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce or slow down the environmental and climate impact of greenhouse gas emissions on earth warming;

2. Actively transform the equipment and facilities, adopt energy-saving equipment and clean energy, save energy and resources, and reduce emissions;

3. Promote relevant parties to protect the earth's environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions;

4. Train employees to enhance their awareness of energy consumption problems;

Dedicated to the compliance and transcendence of laws and regulations, protect the environment and ecology, people-oriented, sustainable development.


1. Taking 2022 as the benchmark year, scope 1 and Scope 2 will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3% per year;

2. In 2022 as the benchmark year, range 3 will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2.5% per year.