Notice letter of transition Jiansheng to Huixin

DATE : 2021-01-27


Notice letter of transition Jiansheng to Huixin



Dear Esteemed customer,


Dongguan Huixin Precision Casting Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Jiansheng Technology Inc. Shenzhen Jiansheng own a wide range of business, including industrial park property, die casting, aluminum extrusion, tooling and other businesses. We plan to divest the 3 industrial park properties and manufacturing businesses, then go public after restructuring; integrate internal resources to serve customers in the manufacturing sector, reorganize the aluminum-zinc-magnesium die-casting, aluminum extrusion and tooling business to Dongguan Huixin, and Huixin will be listed in the future as per our plan. The core team, technical force and equipment of Jiansheng will be transferred to Dongguan Huixin, and this transition process will not affect production and delivery. Therefore, we would like to transit the trading entity Shenzhen Jiansheng to Dongguan Huixin. Please understand here and Huixin will continue to provide you with high-quality products and services after the transition. Thank you for your cooperation.





Dongguan Huixin Precision Casting Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Jiansheng Technology Inc.

5th July 2021

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